Kamloops Self Advocate Neswsletter july 2024

The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter July 2024

Welcome to our July newsletter. This month, we’ve got tons of cool stuff to
share with you.
First off, let’s talk about summer fun! July is all about enjoying the sunshine, making memories, and having a great time with friends and family.
There are so many awesome things we can do, like going camping, taking
trips or holidays, and enjoying music in the park right here in Kamloops.
Feeling the heat? No worries! We’ve got you covered with suggestions like
going to blockbuster movies, hitting the mini-golf course, or cooling off in
the arcades. We’ve also got an article on sun safety for your eyes.
But that’s not all – we’re also talking about LGBTQ+-friendly travel. That
means we’re sharing tips and ideas for traveling to places where everyone is
welcome, no matter who they are or who they love.
Over the years, we’ve tried to bring you some fun interviews with different
music artists. One dream has been to get a Taylor Swift interview. We are
still hoping to connect with her, but for now we are excited to bring you the
next best thing. We’re sitting down for interviews with two Taylor Swift
tribute bands, Swift Kick and Burning Red! They’re going to tell us all
about what it’s like to pay homage to one of the biggest pop stars in the

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