The KSA Newsletter is a space where we share information about mental health and well-being. It’s crucial to understand that just because a counselor or mental health professional is listed on our website, it doesn’t mean we’re saying they are the best or promoting them.

We recommend these individuals because they are known for being inclusive or for having expertise in specific areas of support. However, it’s important to know that the KSA Newsletter doesn’t take responsibility for how good their services are, and we don’t promote any particular methods or treatments they use.

If you’re looking for mental health support, we suggest doing your own research, considering what you prefer and need, and talking to healthcare professionals to make well-informed decisions about your mental health care.

While the KSA Newsletter is dedicated to spreading awareness and understanding about mental health, we don’t endorse or promise that the services of any specific counselor or mental health professional on our platform are the best. We encourage users to use their own judgment and be careful when choosing a professional listed on our website.

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