A Special Thanks to Wenda Noonan and the former Echo Newspaper

Krystian got his newsletters printed at the very beginning at Echo Newspapers before it closed down. Now, he gets his newsletters printed at The Printing Place in Kamloops. Wenda has been a great supporter and advocate for the newsletter. Krystian says “I loved dealing with her and her business. I also miss dealing with her.”


I highly recommend Krystian Shaw for his exceptional work in launching and growing the Kamloops Self Advocate newsletter. 
Over the years, Krystian has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to providing a platform for people with diverse abilities to express themselves and share their stories. From its early days as a black and white four-page newsletter, the Kamloops Self Advocate has evolved into a full-color printed and online publication that makes a positive impact in our community. Krystian’s determination, passion, and leadership are truly inspiring, and I have no doubt that he will continue to make a meaningful contribution to the self-advocacy movement for years to come.
Former Echo newspaper publisher, Wenda Noonan 
Wenda Noonan
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