Our Supporters Speaks for us

"Krystian was responsive and well organized. He asks relevant questions and cares deeply about inclusion! He is great to work with!"
Katie MacMillan
Kello Inclusive
"Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter I’ve had the privilege to witness Krystian over the the past several years as he has developed a newsletter which has provided him a platform to bring his voice and lived experience forward. Furthermore, he has created a newsletter which highlights barriers for people with diverse abilities and ways in which these barriers can be overcome through self-advocacy. His commitment, drive and dedication to provide a Newsletter that not only promotes inclusiveness but educational content for all to enjoy is exemplary. KSA has grown over the years and continues to evolve as he remains focused on ensuring that societal issues that matter to the community and marginalized populations are reflected in a responsible and respectful way. Excellent work Krystian! I look forward to seeing where KSA will be in the years to come. Keep up the good work!"
Sonny Mohammed
"I have been a loyal reader and advertiser in the Kamloops Self Advocate newsletter for years now, and it never fails to impress me with its informative and engaging content. Its dedication to our town and its people is unparalleled, and I am proud to be a part of such a vibrant and supportive community."
Jan Alexandre
Kamloops Hearing Aid Centre
"Working with Krystian has been a learning experience for all of us. He never misses a deadline and always has his newsletters well formatted and ready for the website. He has over a decade of experience and is a great writer."
Bryce Schaufelberger
"Krystian never stops advocating for himself or others with all kinds of disabilities. His new website, ksanews.ca is a well organized space to find his newsletter. It truly is a colourful and inspiring array of articles! Well done Krystian."
Michelle McClure
Executive Director - Ability Online
"The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter is a great asset to our community, we quickly run out of copies after they are released. Krystian does a great job of organizing the newsletter with interesting articles and interviews. He is very passionate about inclusion and community involvement. I highly recommend reading the newsletter or stocking it at your place of business."
The Vic Downtown
" Krystian of the Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter interviewed me about my research about media representations of disability for the Newsletter, and I am very pleased with the story he did and all of the content in the Newsletter. The Newsletter is a significant resource for self-advocates. I am impressed with the platform Krystian has developed to highlight the voices of people with disabilities and topics concerning them through the Newsletter."
Beth A. Haller, Ph.D.
Co-founder/Co-director, Global Alliance for Disability in Media and Entertainment
"It has been wonderful working with Krystian and the Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter. Krystian is well organized, communicative, and helpful. WCT has valued working with Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter and happy to support this wonderful community Krystian has built."
Chelsea Isenor
Western Canada Theatre
"Krystian is one remarkable individual! We have been a part of his newsletter for years now. His topics and writing are top notch. Creating awareness and great information with every publication. It's awesome to see him expanding to include a website!"
Reeve Harrison
5 Bean Brewbar & Cafe
"Krystian has taught me that with hard work and belief in myself it is possible to reach goals. He has an extraordinary talent for researching important topics for people of all abilities. It's amazing how this newsletter can tie together an entire community. I look forward to reading every edition! "
Karen Coelho
"Krystian has been great to work with. He is prepared and response quickly to enquiries. He has an excellent eye for detail and knows his product well."
Cam Dore
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