People with intellectual disabilities used to be called the R Word and it’s not ok to say retard because we are similar to everyone else, we are humans and need to be respected, We have feelings like everyone. It’s not fun to make people with disabilities feel less then human and we need to celebrate our abilities rather than disabilities. We need to call for inclusion, equality, kindness, compassion, love, respect, care from all people in the community. We also need to disable bullying.  

People need to be treated with respect, care, kindness and love towards people with Intellectual Disabilities or anyone really but these videos can help you learn more about us so you can treat us fairly and kindly. No matter if we are apart of the LGBTQ community, Mental Health community, Intellectual Disability Community, Any other communities we need to be treated with kindness, compassion because we are human and have feelings like everyone else in the world. You can learn more about standing up for your friends or sport team members with disabilities and that you are not alone in being bullied.   Being bullied can cause hurt feelings. 

Being nice makes you a good person. Bullies who bully people have low self-esteem and hurt feelings because they were bullied so they want to pick on others which is not right. Bullies often pick on weaker people and have more power than those who they bully. It’s not ok to be bullied at workplaces or in your home or anywhere really.  on this page you can learn more about the r word and respect with these educational videos. There is also Rachel’s Challenge which fights bullying with kindness and compassion. Rachel’s Challenge is starting a chain reaction.  Being kind is cool and powerful because it touches your life and relationships.  Being mean is not cool. Be similar to Rachel. You can also find kindness resources and videos on this page, for example the R Word Stomp or other videos and resource sites related to kindness!!  Pay it forward. Don’t judge a Book By Its cover.  You may just start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. 

Kindness and Compassion Resources

Rachel's Challenge
Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
Small Acts that Change the World

Kindness and Compassion Videos

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