DiversAbility Representation

From the movie the Ringer.7 men some with disabilities

The reason why the newsletter exists is to create disability awareness, disability representation because the mainstream media doesn’t always get stories about people with diverse abilities correct but things are changing in the media including in the entertainment industry. Yahoo! Way to go Media including the Kamloops Self Advocate newsletter team.

Please upload this free e-book to my website thanks and create a disability representation page under resources if you can and Add this free e-book for disability advocates to see.  

One billion people live with a disability, each with their own unique experience of the world, yet the media still largely portrays people with disability using traditional and inaccurate stereotypes. In this episode, Amelia is joined by Curtin University Professors Katie Ellis and Mike Kent, who discuss how disability is a social construct, rather than a medical one. They explore some of the ways people with disability are portrayed in the media, highlighting both progressive and entrenched examples. They also take a look at some of the ways COVID-19 has made technology and daily life more accessible for all people.

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Disney movies are an important part of the childhoods of most children. The underlying morals and messages that are conveyed in them can shape who we are as people, even if this is a subconscious process. This means that what is portrayed in these films is extremely influential and hould contribute positively to how we see the world as we grow up. However, the of portrayal disabilities in Disney movies has not always been very positive and although it is good that there is representation of them, this is undermined by how characters are shown in a way that can isolate people with disabilities further, rather than contribute to the normalisation of them.

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