Celebrities with Mental Health Issues

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Mental Health and awareness
Demi Lovato has bipolar disorder and had an eating disorder.
Demi sings music in the entertainment industry and appeared on Barney as a kid.
She sings good music.
There should be no shame in seeking help from mental health doctors and there should be compassion, acceptance and love. Your human rights shouldn’t be taken away from you just because you have a mental illness.
There is no shame in cancer and many other health problems, but there is for mental health issues.
There is hope and many people will support you. Those that do stigmatize you, you don’t need them as a friend.
People should show empathy in their lives towards all people, including those who have mental health issues.
People need to realize that we are people first and not our diagnosis.
Watch Demi Lovato perform ‘Confident’ at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

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