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Welcome to the June newsletter!
June is a month full of excitement and sunshine. It’s the month of light and
growth, with the summer solstice bringing us the longest day of the year.
Kids are counting down the days until summer holidays begin, and families
are starting to plan fun trips, like going to Disney or camping in the great
outdoors. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy the warm weather and spend time
with the people we love.
Finding ways to celebrate the people we love is important. This month, we
celebrate Father’s Day, a special time to show our dads and father figures
how much we care or to take time to remember those who may not be with
us anymore.
June and the summer can also be a time to make new memories. We’ve got
some great articles that will get you thinking about how you can spend time
with our loved ones, whether it is a trip to Disney, taking time to have fun
dancing to music in the living room, like Wendy & Matt in the article Big
People Don’t Pee in the Park, or making a fun dessert together, like our recipe for Mickey Bark.
We have some amazing stories to share with you this month, as well as all
of the usual things like jokes, quotes, and other great articles from our regular contributors. We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter. And don’t forget to share your story ideas and
feedback with us. We love hearing from you!

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