The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter April 2024

Welcome to April Everyone!
April is Autism Awareness Month, and on April 2nd, we celebrate
Autism Awareness Day.
Let’s uplift, empower, and celebrate people with Autism and other
diverse abilities this month. Let’s focus on what people with different
disabilities and diverse abilities can do, not what they can’t do. This
month gives people a chance to learn more about autism and how we can
support our friends and family who have it.
Autism is something many people have, and it makes them unique in
their own special way. Did you know that people with autism can be
animators or work in the entertainment industry? We have an article
about a training academy that teaches people to those skills. People with

diverse abilities can work in different industries. They can also be self-
employed or work for someone else doing what they love, like animation.

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