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The Kamloops Self-Advocate is a newsletter for people in the community to reduce stigma and discrimination around all disabilities published by Krystian Shaw, featuring interviews, upcoming events, tips, stories and more

Born with an intellectual disability, Krystian Shaw never doubted he could pursue his dream.


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The Kamloops self-advocate newsletter is looking for more contributors and writers in Kamloops or BC Canada.

You Can write about your life living with Diverse abilities and success stories.

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Office ph. 250-828-1344
113-540 Seymour St,. Kamloops, BC V2C 2G9
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We focus on Disability Awareness, Success Stories and Inclusion for all, and we also interview all people from all walks of life not just people with diverse abilities. We promote singers, songwriters, entertainers, fashion models and reality tv stars and mental health comedians.
We are a fun newsletter for people from all walks of life including caregivers, family members and people with diverse abilities and the public.
We hope you will consider our newsletter as a newsletter of choice. inquire within thanks.
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Mission Statement

The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter’s new mission and mandate is to educate and to reduce stigma and discrimination by creating disability awareness and sharing success stories from around the world. We will focus on stomping out stigma and discrimination in the world.I hope it will change lives for the better. Welcome to my new journey!


We believe in inclusion and equality and less segregation from society.

Protecting People’s Privacy.

It’s really important. If readers wish to contact the newsletter team with their stories about personal diverse abilities, the Kamloops Self Advocate team will protect your privacy and will protect your e-mail addresses too.  Parents and caregivers are welcome to write stories about their experiences as well. Privacy is protected. We are trying to make this newsletter to be more popular with the general public as well as people with diverse abilities.
The Kamloops Self Advocate is becoming more well-known, promoting kindness and compassion each month and the newsletter has a new movement around kindness and anti-bullying. We are looking for more kindness stories and diverse ability stories and how people are making achievements despite their challenges in life. We would like more positive stories from BC and Canada. You can write anonymously as well or with your name attached to an article. If you want stories to be private, changing the names in your stories is perfectly fine.

CLBC Wow Award winner 2019

Dear Everybody is a campaign from Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital that increases disability representation in movies, shows, photos, commercials and in media and increases employment inclusion by letting people sign an agreement saying they promise to increase disability representation in the media they produce and They are based in Toronto but it’s a national campaign in Canada to reduce stigma, discrimination and ableism and we want to promote  disability awareness.
The Kamloops Self Advocate signed the agreement with other big companies across Canada and we want to create a better world for all that’s why we signed the agreement and to increase diverse ability representation in the newsletter.
The Kamloops Self Advocate newsletter focuses on diverse ability representation and wants to increase diverse ability representation in the newsletter and to promote a kinder and more compassionate society for all and wants people to think about reducing ableism, disability stigma, discrimination and we want to create a better world for all with less bullying.
We want to promote fair representation of people with disabilities and stomp out stigma, discrimination and ableism and promote  inclusive and diversity in the newsletter and with our contributors and people who we interview and promote a friendly and caring world for all with more people understanding the needs, wants and successes of people with diverse abilities and let’s take the dis out of ability and say diverse abilities instead of being known as a person with disabilities and limitations, we have far more abilities then disabilities.
We want to call for more inclusion in the media. inclusion doesn’t just include people with diverse abilities, inclusion includes all people from all walks of life including those with diverse abilities. everyone is diverse in their own way and we need to embrace difference and promote less segregation from society. all people are beautiful in their own way, no one is the same. we need to remember to not judge people before you get to know them. love and equality is a wonderful feeling. to see the Kamloops Self Advocate logo, go on here.


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