soul counter 2 Many people with diverse abilities are lonely and looking for love.

I am a person with a diverse ability who has been looking for a safe website to meet new people.

Recently, I found a safe and free website on the internet to make friends or find love.





This website is called soulfulencounters.com




Soulfulencounters.com doesn’t let trouble makers on the site like scammers or predators.

For this reason they require your personal phone number to contact you and see who you are.

There is a chatroom on this site to chat and make friends from people around the world.



There is even a DJ radio station run by members and they request songs.

There is also a place to create a profile that you can upload photos on.

The website is very expensive to run so they need advertisers and people with a disability to be members.

It would be nice if a big company like Walt Disney felt strongly about internet safety and was an advertiser and could support this site.

A while back I took a course on internet safety. So when I saw this website I realized it had good safeguards.

I thought, ‘Wow’, finally someone gets it. That someone happens to be Louise Maxwell from London Ontario, she has a disability herself.

She started soulfulencounters.com. When you sign up Louise calls you personally. It’s not a computer. You actually talk to her.

I want to make friends on that site and see where it leads to. I want a girlfriend from Kamloops if possible or Penticton or Vernon.


Soulfulencounters.com give resources to parents of people with disabilities and also to professionals, like support workers.

They believe in safety first and foremost and have your well being in mind.

It’s important to remember that even on safe sites you have to be careful and always meet in a public place and bring a friend along to the first meeting.

Never go by your self. Louise Maxwell is a very nice lady and you feel comfortable on this site.

If you are an advertiser help to keep this site going for years to come. And please, anyone who is lonely and wants a friend and possibly

a romance later, please sign up with soulful encounters to possibly meet your match.

Here are 2 links to Louise Maxwell telling her story.


Overcoming Physical Disability 1/2 – Louise Maxwell



Overcoming Physical Disability 2/2 – Louise Maxwell


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