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Written By Kristian Shaw

My newsletter business has had to make some flexible changes since we have been struck with the COVID-19 crisis. Yet I am luckier than most. My business is mostly homebased, but I still had meetings to brainstorm ideas for future articles.

Now I skype my meetings through Zoom. I used to go out to coffee shops to work but now I go to the park while walking at a distance with my community support worker. My biggest adjustment is due to social distancing, I can’t be driven around by anyone, so we walk. But I work mostly at home, through e-mails and by phone.

Another adjustment I’ve had to make is to be true to my advertisers when coffee shops and most businesses that receive my newsletter each month are closed. I thought, how do I deliver my newsletters when most places are closed, and I can’t be driven to do deliveries? Then I decided to just do my newsletter online, which still gives my advertisers exposure worldwide.

And people locally will just get a digital copy for the next few months instead of hard copies. In this way, my advertisers are happy, and my business is still thriving.

During these difficult times, coming together during stressful times is important. I have started a movement around kindness and compassion. Showing love to all society members by self-isolating shows our commitment to society by striving to keep ourselves and others safe.

My movement is all about being an upstander to each other when times are hard. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. My newsletter team wishes everyone to stay safe and healthy.

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