Feb 2024 KSA Newsletter- Stop Bullying

The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter Feb 2024

Welcome to our February edition – a newsletter that’s not just about hearts and flowers. This month, we’re talking about kindness, support and understanding. Valentine’s Day: Love and Support for All

As February rolls in, we celebrate Valentine’s Day – not just a day with hearts and symbols, but a time to care for one another. Some of us feel really sad because of bullying, and we’re here to give love and support. Let’s be
kind friends, helping each other feel better.

Pink Shirt Day: Taking a Stand Against Bullying
Did you know that in February, we proudly wear pink shirts to say “no” to bullying? It’s called Pink Shirt Day! Bullying can make us feel sad, and together, we’re on a mission to stop it. Let’s be allies, standing up for each

Mental Health Awareness: Showing Kindness and Understanding
Our minds need love and care too. Bullying can bring deep sadness, and our hearts go out to those who’ve lost someone to it. Bullying can lead to feelings of depression or anxiety, and we want to be friends who understand and
support each other.

Let’s Be Kind to Stop Bullying
No one should feel really sad or have bad thoughts because of bullying. It’s time to stop hurtful words and be kind to each other. Listening and being a good friend are important steps in this journey.
Bullying happens in different ways, like on the computer (cyberbullying) or when people are unkind because of someone’s gender or appearance. We say a firm “no” to all types of bullying – cyberbullying, sexual bullying, gender
bullying, and more! Let’s stand together against bullying!

Let’s Call for Peace, Love, and Respect!
This February let’s promise to be good friends. We want peace, love, and respect for everyone. No one should carry the weight of sadness because of bullying or mental health challenges. Together, let’s spread awareness, show
kindness, and be the best friends we can be!
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