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August   Newsletter 2015


With fall just around the corner, I hope everyone is enjoying these lazy days of summer! This month’s newsletter is all about disability awareness and success stories.

There is information on an accessible summer camp for adults with developmental and/or physical disabilities – what a fun way to meet others during the summer.

There is also an article on a mental health advocate and public speaker who is reducing stigma and building awareness on mental health.

It is so great to hear about new ways to build friendships and about individuals increasing awareness about diversabilities!

It’s important to raise awareness about disabilities because it’s a human condition to be disabled, whether that is physical or mental.

We need to reduce stigma because it’s not right to be stigmatized and lose your self-esteem.

We need to be accepted as people, regardless of the labels. Stigma can ruin lives and make people feel alone.

Every human being needs to be treated with kindness and compassion and have the best quality of life possible.



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