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October Edition of KSA Newsletter 2020 contains in

It is the Fall season and there is so much to share this month! We have lots of articles to keep you entertained during October.
There are some new and unusual holidays, like Internet Day. And, then there are some old holidays, like Thanksgiving and Halloween, that we have to cele-brate in new and unusual ways as we socially distance and stay safe.

We want to help people do that, so the KSA is sponsoring a fun, virtual Halloween event! Look inside for more information about that. It is going to be an awesome time and we hope you will attend. October is also a chance to celebrate Community Inclusion Month. Inclusion is for everyone, but there are still barriers for people in the community. Accessi-bility can be limited by a person’s mobility, visual impairment, hearing loss, lack of transportation, or for other reasons.

In many cases, there are simple so-lutions that would help to create a more inclusive Kamloops. We’ve included some articles that look at why inclusion is so important for a healthy communi-ty.
Whether you are celebrating one of these special days or maybe you are finding other things to celebrate this fall, let us know how you are doing that and stay-ing connected.

We’d love to share your stories and ideas with our readers.

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