October 2022 KSA Newsletter- Celebrating community inclusion month and fall

The Kamloops Self Advocates Newsletter October,2022 Edition



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October Edition of KSA Newsletter 2022 contains in

This month, we are celebrating Community Inclusion Month. Community inclusion means remembering and learning from the past,
which included institutions for people with developmental disabilities in Canada, and celebrating the future, which includes a kinder and more compassionate society for all.

It is a time to promote what we can do, not what we cant do, and to educate society on how they can improve the lives of people with disabilities. Everyone should be included in the community and in this newsletter there are ideas of how people and communities are doing that.

As we celebrate inclusion, we can celebrate peoples achievements and successes. Community Inclusion Month is a great opportunity to promote social change and to remember to treat everyone with respect, kindness, and compassion.

We have the chance to promote equality and to celebrate the diverse abilities of people with disabilities. This helps us to reduce stigma and discrimination and promote less segregation as communities move toward full inclusion! Community inclusion is about every day and in all areas of the community.

This includes things like employment, recreation, housing, health care, social activities, and more. It is about connection to the
community and each other. It is also about being seen and heard.
Happy Community Inclusion Month and October everyone!


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