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Meet Stephanie Hodges, owner of Holiday Pizzazz, an online store where you can purchase collectible art.


How did you start Holiday Pizzazz?

A friend of mine was an avid collector of Johanna Parker collectibles.  In 2019 there was a supply and demand issue that made it hard to find her cute holiday

decor.  That dilemma made me think that if we opened our own store that we could not only help ourselves, but also help others add to their collections.  Once the idea got into my head, it was only a matter of putting together a business plan and getting to work.


What do you like about your store?

There isn’t just one thing I like about my store.  We get the privilege of seeing all the new items coming out for the holiday season, order what we think our customers might enjoy and then get to see them firsthand when they arrive.  That is definitely fun.


The best part though is meeting the artists and learning about them, their creative styles and how they became artists.  I have had the opportunity to talk with many of the favorites and have found they are kind, fun and witty.


How can people support artists around the world who create Christmas collectibles and other kinds of art?

The best way to support your favorite artists is to not only follow them on social media, but comment on their posts, telling them what you love and ask how you can support them.  If they work with companies like Bethany Lowe

Designs or ESC & Co and have reproductions made, you may want to send an email to those companies and let them know who you love to collect so they will continue reproducing their art.


How can people celebrate artists and encourage them to create more art?

People that favor an artist, can follow them in social media, share their work and if you buy a piece – take a picture and share it to your friends.  Artists are just like you and I.  They love to hear how their art may affect you (like

invoking a memory or bringing a smile to your face).  Putting their art on display can be hard.  They may have fears that they won’t be positively received.  By showing your love for their work, it encourages them to continue to create.


What do you enjoy about original artwork?

When you see original artwork up close and personal, you get to see what an artist has created once they pour out their heart into their hands.  What is fun is seeing the different mediums that artists use in their painting and sculpting.  You get to see the amazing, fine detail in each piece.  You get to see how they take a lump of clay and turn it into something that you will enjoy seeing year after year.  A lot of my favorite artists also create their own clothes for their dolls.  Seeing how tiny buttons are sewn into a dress just fascinates me.


What do you enjoy about owning this online store?

Don’t get me wrong, owning a store is a lot of hard work.  There are times when it can get very frustrating, especially when there were issues getting product to our store on time.  There were a few years that manufacturers had a lot of challenges in their supply chain and that impacted our ability to get collectibles out to our customers. 

What is enjoyable though is meeting people that share in your passion.  I have really been able to step outside my comfort zone and make new friends that love holidays as much as I do.  I have met people all across the country and we share our favorite finds, talk about what our favorite artists are making and get excited about decorating for the holidays.


What do people enjoy about your store?

I believe people enjoy the store most when they see the new collectibles coming out for the year.  It helps them

visualize some new decorating trends that they can use for the holidays. 

What do you enjoy about Christmas and how do you celebrate?

Christmas to me is best spent with family while remembering the reason for the

season!  We don’t focus on presents, but rather the presence of each other.  It’s always good to be able to get together, eat a nice meal and maybe play some games. 

What do you enjoy about collecting Christmas Artwork for your store?

When the new collectibles show up, it’s fun to build displays for social media pictures.  The store gives us the ability to play while not necessarily having to own.  It also gives us the ability to find what we love the most and do want to own. 

When did you start your store?  Holiday Pizzazz opened its online store in January of 2021.

How can people protect themselves from copycats or scammers in the industry?

I don’t know that I have enough knowledge around copycats and scammers in the industry that I can really answer this.  I do know that it has definitely become an issue, especially now that AI emerged.  Just ensure you are always aware with who you interact with on social media to make sure they aren’t fake.

Why do you love showcasing original artists on your website?

We love to interview artists for a variety of reasons:  discover their history in art, find their favorite mediums in creations, and generally get to know them as people.  When a person invests in collecting holiday décor, they tend to want to know about the artist they are collecting.  It’s putting a human to an object and allowing you to connect those dots and have a deeper appreciation for those that are sharing their talents.

What do you enjoy about working with the artists?

Sometimes when you get to know the artists, you get sneak peeks into the future and what reproductions might be coming our way!

Do you ship outside of the USA to Canada?

Yes!  While we don’t allow the online store to ship to Canada, people can reach out and we can help them determine shipping costs.  We have shipped to Canada, Australia, and Germany to name a few.

What else would you like to add? How can people find you online?

You can find us online at www.holidaypizzazz.com.  We are also on Instagram and Facebook.
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