Kristian Shaw’s Street School Story.

I am so excited that my school district #73 here in Kamloops has given adults from age 19 on the opportunity of Street School education to receive their Dogwood diploma. Having a dogwood is huge for making a better life for ones self. What’s more exciting to me is everyone is included, even those with disabilities and challenges. This is possible because the Government has also made available free personal tutoring for those who may have learning challenges.


Street school teaches adults grade 11 Math and grade 12 English, which is required for a dogwood diploma.

You are also required to do 3 electives as well. Once you fulfill the requirements, a ceremony is performed with the hat and grown, just like in high school. So if, due to circumstances, you weren’t able to graduate as a teenager, this gives you a second chance for a greater life.


For those who don’t want to go all the way, you can just take just a certain course.  I have some learning challenges and I also run a business called The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter.

So I have the desire to learn English that involves sentence structure and Capitalization to better my writing skills.

I am learning to write essays with a tutor. I was never given this chance in the public school system since teachers didn’t think I was capable of learning in this way. Most of what I have learned, I taught myself on the computer. I love writing stories, essays and doing speeches, but I need my writings to be edited a bit. My desire is to learn the fundamentals to a greater extent so editing will no long be needed.

I love learning new skills.


Street School is funded by the ministry of education. Check this out in other communities to see if this is offered in your community too.

Skies the limit when you have an education.



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