Once upon a December

What is your name?

Amy E. Reichert

How did you come up with the Once Upon a December book?

I wanted to write a book set during the holidays but had magical elements. Several years ago, I visited the Milwaukee Christmas market and loved it, and I thought it would make a wonderful setting for a book. Making it a magical Christmas market seemed like a

perfect combination. Once I had settled on that, the rest fell into place.

How did you come up with the name?

Naming a book is one of the hardest parts for me, but this one came together pretty quickly. Because of the magic, I think the book has a fairytale feel to it, so I started

playing with the phrase “Once Upon a Time” and eventually landed on Once Upon a December.

What do people like about your Christmas book?

Readers seem to really like how it feels like Christmas when you read it. It isn’t just set at Christmas time, but through the setting and my descriptions, it gets them in the holiday mood.

What do you enjoy about your book?

I love the idea of a magical Christmas market that only a few, special people can remember. My favorite kind of story is where there is a secret world that exists under everyone’s noses.

I loved writing about all my favorite parts of Christmas: the food, the decorations, the present buying, the way everyone seems a little happier.

How do you Celebrate Christmas?

We spend Christmas Eve with my mother-in-law, then open presents and have breakfast on Christmas morning. Then my family comes over and I make a huge meal (every year it’s something different) and we eat and watch Christmas movies.

What do you enjoy about Christmas?

I enjoy everything, but the food is my favorite. I love baking several different kinds of cookies, preparing my family’s favorite meals, and drinking hot cocoa spiked with coffee liqueur.

How can people find your book?

Readers can learn more about me and my books at www.amyereichert.com. My books are available in Canada. If you don’t see it on the shelf at your favorite bookstore, they can order it for you, or you can order from your favorite online bookstore.

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