The Effects of War

War causes a lot of harm and sadness. Many people lose their lives, and many others

get hurt and have problems that last a long time. When soldiers come back from war,

we call them heroes and cheer for them, but after some time, we forget about them.

This isn’t fair, especially for those who have both physical and emotional wounds,

because they might struggle for the rest of their lives.


Even for people who already had disabilities before the war, war makes things even

harder for them. An online article from the United Nations says that wars affect people

with disabilities a lot. They say that these people are often forgotten when countries talk

about peace and safety. People with disabilities are among those who are in the most danger when there are wars and big problems in the world.


More than one billion people worldwide, which is about 15 percent of everyone on Earth, have a disability. These people are some of the most left out and in danger when there are big problems like wars. About 9.7 million people with disabilities are forced to leave their homes because of wars and problems, and they are often treated unfairly and hurt. (This information is from the UN and Human Rights Watch.)


War hurts both soldiers and regular people. We should find better ways to solve problems without fighting and try to keep peace. Leaders from around the world should work together and talk with kindness and caring to make the world a better place.

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