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August 2017 Edition  KSA  Newsletter 2017 contains in

This month’s theme

Have you checked out the CBC’s Canada 2017 Yearbook? It is part of this year’s big 150th birthday celebration.

They are collecting stories about why people love Canada and anything related to Canada.

The yearbook will be published in the fall of 2017 and will include an article about me and the KSA. It is exciting that everyone has a chance to share their stories.
I’m happy to be able to share success stories through the KSA, which people can read on the Internet as well as in hard copy format.

One of the great places you can find the KSA is on Ability Online.

You may have read some of the previous issues of the KSA when we shared some of what Ability Online does.

In case you missed those, there is a good article this month about the founder of that organization, “Dr. Froggy”.
Thanks to Michelle McClure from Ability Online for being so impressed with my newsletter and wanting to write in about what I do for Ability Online too like sharing mental well-being tips.

And thanks to CBC for profiling me and my newsletter to reduce stigma and discrimination in Canada.

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