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November 2016 Edition  KSA  Newsletter  contains

This month’s theme

Welcome to November everyone! November brings us Remembrance Day on November 11th.
Remembrance Day is important because we remember all the soldiers.
Canada is a beautiful country to live in because the people living here have a lot of choices and freedom.
How do you take time to remember those who have died in the past? What
are you grateful for as you think about all of the freedom and choice you have? What does Remembrance Day mean to you.
Send us your ideas.
Make sure you check out the rest of the newsletter for stories about different activities, like the muscial Mama Mia
and other stories. And remember, we love to hear from you and share your stories and ideas,so send those in!


Krystian’s Corner
Fall is a busy time. There are a lot of fun things happening.
I am going with the Community Companion Program and with our friends to Mamma Mia, the broadway musical, at the Sagebrush Theatre. During the play there will be ABBA songs like ‘Take A Chance On Me’ and much more.
The Saturday matinees are on Saturday, November 26th, or Saturday, December 3rd, at 2 p.m.
These are Pay What You Can days and have limited tickets at the door, but I am sure there will be plenty leftover as most people in Kamloops would have seen it already. The performances run from November 24th to December 6th .
I love all musicals, especially ABBA, since music is a universal language.
It should be fun.
This is a form of social inclusion being with our friends and watching a play based on
the Mamma Mia movie! Have fun at the Kamloops very own musical called Mamma Mia.
This month is also important to me because of Remembrance Day, which is also my birthday.
I am grateful to have the freedom to celebrate and for all of the choices I have.
I love our country and the people working for inclusion every day! Thank you to all the support workers
and the boards of managers/directors for working to have integration! Being included is being with friends
and family, whether we have disabilities or not.
But, we should be able to choose what inclusion means to us and the activities we want at that time.
Everyone has different viewpoints on inclusion and full inclusion.
Even community living agencies and people working for them have different viewpoints.
That’s what makes us different and unique.
I also love the fact that the institutions closed down and there are more choices and inclusion now.
Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who work to make inclusion possible!
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