The Kamloops Self Advocates Newsletter September, 2017 Edition

The Kamloops Self-Advocates is a

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published by Krystian Shaw.


September ,2017 Edition  KSA  Newsletter  contains in

This month’s theme


It’s hard to believe this September has been 4 years since I started the newsletter. I’ve noticed many changes in people’s attitudes since then.

People are more tolerant and starting to become more comfortable with all diverse abilities.

There are more conversations going around about reducing stigma and discrimination than ever before.

I notice more people are showing more acceptance about who they are by taking public action.

Before I started the newsletter 4 years ago, there was lots of work to do.

People’s attitudes needed to change towards those with challenges, but also toward themselves if they have challenges too.

Some feel embarrassed, ashamed and have bad self-esteem because of the challenges they face.

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